Scattered Light

Scattered Light Cover

A Fan Tribute to Electric Light Orchestra

In 2010 a group of Electric Light Orchestra fans from all over the world collaborated on a fan tribute album. Proceeds from the album benefited charity. Ken Grammer contributed by playing percussion (clanging on a fire extinguisher) for the final track, Mr. Blue Sky. While far from being a charting album, it was a labor of love by everyone involved and it did raise money for charity.

Scattered Light Poster
Scattered Light Poster

Ken’s favorite two tracks from the album are track 2, “Stranger” by Damien Spanjer and track 10, “From The End Of The World” by Jamie Amos and featuring Shaz Pratt & Conrad Shields. Both were extremely well done and provide a unique twist on the these two classic ELO songs.

Scattered Light Cover
Scattered Light Cover

1. “Mission (A New World Record)” – Triangle Paradise (6:05)

2. “Stranger” – Damien Spanjer (4:14)

3. “Strange Magic” – Nun The Wiser (5:09)

4. “Danger Ahead” – Matt Albright & Bill Casper (3:47)

5. “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head” – Rubber Universe (5:08)

6. “Daybreaker” – Andy Brown (3:43)

7. “Oh No Not Susan” – The Bagweeds (3:33)

8. “Showdown” – Matthew Gough (3:15)

9. “Night In The City” – Poorboy (3:00)

10. “From The End Of The World” – Jamie Amos featuring Shaz Pratt & Conrad Shields (3:52)

11. “Whisper In The Night”* – Casey McCammon (3:41)

12. “Mr. Blue Sky” – The Scattered Light Orchestra (5:01)

The Scattered Light Orchestra members from “All Over The World” are:

  • Randall Rhodes – Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
  • Jamie Amos – Backing Vocals, Bass
  • Matthew Gough – Additional Falsetto & Bass Vocals, Piano
  • Mike Dickerson – Lead Guitar
  • Harm Andrews – Drums
  • Ken Grammer – Extingaphone (a.k.a., fire extinguisher clangs)
  • Andy Brown – Strings
  • Li’anne Drysdale – Vocoder

All songs written by Jeff Lynne except * by Roy Wood.
Compilation Engineer: Jamie Amos, Credits & Liaison: Matthew Gough, Cover Art: Jamie Amos, Hand Coloring: Li’anne Drysdale, Mastered by Tim Lynch @ The Recording Company (
All rights of the producer & of the owner of the works reproduced reserved.

Scattered Light Cover Concept Photo
This is the Scattered Light cover concept photo taken by Ken at the start of the Scattered Light project. Jamie Amos and Li’anne Drysdale would turn this concept photo into the stunning artwork for the CD.

Damien Spanjer created the following video for “Stranger”.

10th Anniversary Project Video.